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Category: Green SME HR

ADROIT CONSULTANCY is dedicated to establish effective HR solutionsfor SME's in the middle east region. 

Category: Green SME HR

An ambitious, motivated and adaptable individual with more than 17 years experience in Soft Skills training, and over 11 years as a Productivity / Executive Coach. With high levels of honesty , integrity and a genuine liking for others, he is an active listener able to communicate clearly & concisely.Mike incorporates the ability to build high levels of rapport with clients and manages his time effectively.                                                                        

Category: Green SME HR

Nasif Kayed, Founder and CEO of the Arab Culturalist holds an Advanced Certification in CQ® from theCultural Intelligence Center in the US. He is also a renowned expert on Arab and GCC culture and anentrepreneur with practical business experience that sets his company apart. 

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