Green AirConditioning

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AL MANHAD electro-mechanical engineers company 10years in the market and capable of doing all kind of MEP and energy saving and retrofit projects .

For BARDOT Group, Marine Energies are the solutions of the Future! Carbon free energies solutions are considered to be the only solutions for the future for isolated communities. 

Evaporative Air Coolers. It’s capable of keeping the audience at an outdoor event cool and comfortable even during the hot and humid summer months. 

The climate changes with seasons, especially here in the United Arab Emirates. Some climatic conditions are conducive for outdoor activities, while others are inhospitable. However, we have a solution for you’re outdoors and indoors needs. Our Dubai-based Cool Group has technologies to neutralize these vagaries in weather and lower the outdoor temperature by 10° – 15° C.

Coolnomix is an energy saving product for Air conditioning Units and Refrigertion Units.

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