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The Healthy Home ME is a leading UAE concept in Indoor Environmental Quality. The Healthy Home’s mission is to promote a healthier indoor environment by eradicating harmful microscopic bacteria and pathogens infesting the air and surface at homes and to adopt the right practices which aim at refining our lifestyle  and  improving our health. With extensive medical research at the core, The Healthy Home has exclusively sourced the latest technologies and green products to offer dry and chemical-free treatments,both which help improve health and sanitize homes to the utmost level. 
The main divisions being serviced by the company are:
1.Mattresses and Soft Furnishings – Dry  and  Chemical-free cleaning and sanitation of mattresses, sofas, curtains and carpets by using industrial strength vacuums, medical-grade Ultraviolet sanitation as well as overheated dry steam methods 
2.AC Duct  and Units – Detailed biocleaning and sanitation of ducting system (ducts, grills, filters) and AC unit (coils, blower, drain tray) following global standards of National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) and the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) 
3.Green Pest Management – Green, Organic or Traditional pest management treatments options for both pre-emptive and  reactive results 
4.Surface Sanitation – Green and Chemical-free sanitation of all surfaces mainly in Children Rooms and  Play Areas by using overheated dry steam technology
5.Home & Health Improvement products –  Home purifiers, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, water-purifiers, AC system Ultra-violet sanitation systems, etc..


Contact Details (Office UAE):

Phone: 04 4425616

Fax: 04 4425329





Contact Person:

Name: Amer Jaber

Position: Managing Director

Phone: 04 4425616

Mobile: 055 9098162

Fax: 04 4425329




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