International Companies Looking For UAE Agents

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Zhejiang Lepu Machinery & Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the evaporative air cooler manufacturers more than 10 years  in China.

Proinso is a global distributor and intergrator of Solar PV modules, inverters, mounting structures, trackers and energy storage and management. 

Our company produce all in one solar energy system,recently we developed a new solar power generator-PS5B.The capacity is 400Wh,it can power for led lights,television,fan,laptop,smartphone...When the home grid fails,it can supply electricity for your home small appliances.What's more,it also can jump starting for car ran out of power when outdoor camping.

We are an Australian base organization who wants to expand use of organic and natural products to the world. We manufacture 100% organic fertilizers. 

With Finnish design expertise and global production, we are the leading optics supplier to the world’s premier lighting manufacturers. 

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