Musco Gulf Lighting and Contracting LLLC

Category: Green Lighting

Since 1976 Musco Gulf Lighting has specialized in the manufacturing, design, supply and installment of sports and large area lighting. Lighting projects ranging from the Olympics games to Industrial Ports with projects in over 70 countries worldwide. Musco lighting offers some of the below benefits compared to traditional lighting;


• Increased ENERGY savings by cutting consumption up to 50%

• Reduces light spill up to 50%

• Guaranteed constant light levels for entire warranty period

10-year warranty with zero maintenance cost to the client


In the UAE, Musco Gulf Lighting has provided lighting for all types of sports projects including; Meydan, Yas Marina Circuit, GEMS Schools to name a few. The principles are the same delivering constant light levels, with huge energy and cost savings backed with a 10-year warranty.


Simon Limpus, Sales

Phone: 02 550 1117

Mobile:  052 92 72 004

Fax: 02 550 1118




Brett Paulsen, General Manager

Phone: 0255 01117



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