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We take a long term view of our business decisions at all times, ensuring that short term actions do not damage our ability to operate successfully into the future.We seek out new opportunities, particularly in the Energy and Small & Medium Enterprises Sectors, through the active management of current and future risks, balancing the needs of people and society, the environment and our profitability, and thereby ensuring the continued success of the Group. Beyond compliance with laws and regulations, we focus on the following 6 areas of strategic focus:


We must remain financially profitable in the long term to benefit all of our stakeholders through the provision of jobs, creation of shareholder value and giving access to trusted financial servicesOur operations should align with, and contribute to, the financial stability and economic development of the communities where we conduct our business.


We build and conform to strong governance frameworks, actively disclose material information, and take responsibility for our actions and impacts.We build trust in the financial industry and system by acting transparently and truthfully at all times.


We engage with our stakeholders regularly to understand and act on their material concerns as they align to our core business.We form partnerships with stakeholders who can help us achieve positive social and environmental impacts through our operations and business activities in line with our vision and strategy.


We treat employees equitably and with respect, and seek to provide a safe and healthy work environment.We provide opportunities to develop for all employees and ensure fair pay and compensation.


We market responsibly and sell the right product to the right customer in an appropriate manner – considering their best interests and risk appetites.We consider external risks and design innovative products and services which help mitigate those risks, support the financial stability of our customers and the sustainable success of our organisation.


We employ best practices and recognised standards, both local and international, to ensure proper environmental management and impact reduction related to our operations and products.We do not compromise the long term environmental security of the communities where we operate, in favour of short term profit.

Sustainability reports

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Sustainability Report 2014 – Creating Value for our Stakeholders

Corporate Sustainability Report 2014 :

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