Globcom is one of the leading Dubai-based companies that work for eco-conscious sustainable practices through state-of-the-art ecological solutions.

Globcom’s extensive product range is designed for residential, commercial and industrial heavy-duty utilization. The company’s popular green program offers water and electricity controls for restrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, indoor and outdoor lighting. Besides saving labor, materials, maintenance, water and electricity costs and increasing the hygiene, these products find utility across various sectors like hospitality, healthcare, sports, education, leisure, shopping centers, airports, ports, national institutions and factories.

Globcom distributes the following Brands related to the fields of:

  • Rest Rooms, Wash Rooms and Kitchens: WUL (EC Made) - The Waterless Urinal; HIDROVENT (EC Made) - The Toilet Pan Air Extractor; DELABIE - CLEVER (EC Made) - Taps and Mixers, Showers, WC Direct Flushing; INSINKERATOR – Food Wastes Disposal
  • Indoor, Outdoor, and Events Lighting. LUCIBEL (EC Make). LED solutions; CASSIOPEE (EC Make), LED solutions;
  • Agriculture and Landscaping: PORITEX (EC Made) - The Ecological Irrigation System by Exudation, a Unique Sub Surface Irrigation System.


Globcom Green Products were UAE Awarded several times:

HIDROVENT: Silver GAIA Award at the 2010 BIG 5 Exhibition;

PORITEX: 2011 Homologation by the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water 2013 The company’s revolutionary irrigation product Poritex has won rave reviews including the coveted 2013 BIG5 (Construction Exhibition) GAIA award for the best product in water technology and two 2013 AGRAME (Agriculture Middle East Exhibition) nominations for the best new product, in Landscaping and in Agriculture categories. March 25, 2014, AGRAME Poritex was again nominated 3 times as best product in Landscaping, Agriculture, and Poultry categories.


The aim of these awards is to reward the companies and raise the profile of Green or Environmentally Sound Building Products and Services in the GCC region reflecting the desire to “Build Green”


The name that we carry is only important, as long Globcom will present a product with a professional follow-up and endless service. Precise strategies, unparalleled leadership with talented team, Globcom provides pragmatic planning in the trading market whilst staying true to the core of Globcom’s values in the sustainable industry We are convinced that a company’s success means more than just economic performance. That’s why we aim to strike a balance between economic, social and environmental pillars.



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