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Al Arif A/C Systems LLC is  an MEP contractor specialised in HVAC systems which includes: ventilation systems, fresh air, kitchen extract, air purification, odour control, bacterial, virus and odour control. Al Arif A/C offers smoke control systems for Shisha smoking restaurants and smoking chambers. Apart from this Al Arif A/C undertakes all electrical, plumbing, water supply, drainage, fire fighting and fire alarm systems as well. Al Arif A/C has had the good fortune to be part of some of the best restaurants, offices, exhibition places in UAE. Al Arif A/C is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company as well. 

Al Arif A/C is regarded as a reliable MEP contractor in UAE and is a prominent supplier of Air Purification equipments in the GCC. Improving air quality in buildings will mean better health, higher efficiency of staff and happier employees. Al Arif A/C is the Authorised Distributor for Advanced Oxidisation products from RGF Systems in USA. All products from RGF are manufactured in their factory in Florida to ensure utmost quality and efficiency.

We breathe in billions of particles every day. Indoor air quality problems are from three basic categories — particulates (dust) microbial and gases. Cooling systems with a filter does not aid much in reducing particulate, microbial and gases. These filters are generally not designed for air quality; rather they are designed to keep the HVAC equipment clean. As a solution to this, RGF developed Advanced Oxidation Products that will eliminate / reduce bacteria, viruses, mould, smoke, odours, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and other air pollutants. 

PHI / REME cells supplied by Al Arif A/C produce "Ionized Hydro Peroxides TM (IHP)", which are charged hydro peroxide molecules. The IHPs have the ability to neutralize charged airborne particulates, deactivate them and drop them out of the air. IHPs are friendly oxidizers which revert back to Oxygen and Hydrogen after the oxidation of the pollutant. Micro-organisms can be reduced up to 99%. This will keep the room fresh, clean and odour free.

These air cleaning products are tested by various labs in the USA and have been successfully used in Military applications, schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants, cruise lines, offices and homes for the past three decades. 


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Liju Thomas Eapen, Managing Director

Phone: +971 4 3475730 

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