Green Consultants & Services

  • Filter engineering for the middle east-represents German companies in the UAE and neighbouring countries. 

Cundall's Engineering Consultancy services cover the entire cycle of any building project. 

Nehlsen Middle East Environmental Consultancy was established in 2013 as a subsidiary of Cleanco Trading Importing & Services Establishment, a 100% Emirati owned and run family business established in 1980. 

Brief company profile : MJMC is a management consultancy firm engaged in providing performance management systems services to its clients. MJMC’s mission is to empower clients with state-of the-art tools, business practices, processes and performance management systems which will help them develop and manage processes and perform activities in a manner that will assist and align the organizations with their strategic, corporate, social, and sustainability goals with a focus on their global commitments and responsibilities.
“Nurturing A Project” as the name of the company suggests focuses on consulting on all the major aspects
of any project which will make it Successful.The main focus is on providing support and direction in Project
Management & Sustainability.
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