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CLS Energy Consultants DMCC is supporting the local Power and Renewable Energy Industry by providing technical solutions for:

• PV Plants (e.g. Panels, Inverters, Monitoring Systems and Power Optimizing – Impedance Matching)
• Large scale battery based Power and Energy Storage Systems
• Power Augmentation Solutions for Gas Turbines .

CLS ENERGY is representing TIGO Energy Solar,PowerPHASE LLC, QTE, NEC Energy Solutions and RECOM in UAE .

TIGO Energy Solar optimiser utilising patented impedance matching technology to allow more modules on any roof and uneven string lengths.
• Smart module technology for the solar PV industry
• Increase up to 30% output from existing Solar PV Systems

PowerPHASE LLC has commercialized advanced aero-thermal technology that uses air more efficiently at power plants in both the storage and production of energy. The Company's flagship product, TurboPHASE is a modular air-injection system that increases the capacity and efficiency of combustion turbines. The TurboPHASE system can add up to 25% incremental capacity to combustion turbine plants in all ambient conditions by replacing the air that is naturally missing from combustion turbine operation on hot days or that is used for anti-icing on cold days. The Company's other products include: optimized steam injection, combustion turbine efficiency, black start, energy storage and high speed regulation.  

QTE is a leading provider of Automation Solutions for Factory (Industry) and PV Solar Power Plant Automation (Renewables). QTE provides (technical) solutions to effectively manage single or multiple solar resources remotely and is a specialized automation solution provider for (PV) Hybrid Systems in combination with Diesel Generators and / or Batteries, On/Off-Grid and monitoring systems

RECOM stands at the forefront of the Solar Industry, as the leader in solar modules. The company is distinguished for offering the perfect balance between premium quality and competitive pricing, while providing an unparalleled level of customer support.
Innovation, Reliability, and Customer Satisfaction, are all key factors which have made RECOM the preferred choice of solar modules worldwide.  

NEC Energy Solutions is a market leader in large scale Grid Connected Power and Energy Storage Solutions based on a proprietary Lithium Ion Battery Technology.
NEC Energy Solutions Grid connected Power and Energy Storage Solutions Technology is specifically suited to support Smart Grid Technologies.


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